First United Church of East Syracuse

We Believe....

God is in community. With Christians throughout the ages, we embrace the mystery of God's presence as the Father (or Mother*) of all creation, the Son Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit. The love these three invest in one another binds them together into one being at the heart of all that is.  

God values right relationships. When we put God first in our lives and truly love others as we love ourselves, the conditions are set for our other relationships to flourish. When we harm or exploit others and try to place ourselves first before God, unnecessary suffering enters the world. 

God loves us. Sometimes the only way to show someone that you really love them is to give up something very important to you. God released Jesus into human hands.** Jesus let go of his life so that we might know the depth of what real love is. We tell this love story often in worship so that we can celebrate what it means to us today.

God's caring helps us back into right relationships. Sometimes the only way to begin restoring a relationship is to admit that something is wrong. Real personal growth can happen when we surrender the image of who everyone thinks we are and allow God to love us as we are. We trust that this healing of our relationships with God and others progresses most fully when we invite Jesus Christ to live in our hearts and guide our lives.

We believe that our response to God's love matters. For reasons none of us fully understand, God seeks us and discovers a completion of joy in our loving response. You, dear reader, can delight God today by responding to the story of God's love. At First United Church of East Syracuse we love God in worship and we love God in action. Feeding the hungry, brightening the lives of seniors in the nursing home, celebrating peace, in our everyday actions we seek to love God by loving God's people.

God is in community,

                       and so are we.

 * There are several Biblical references to God as our cosmic mother.  Check Isaiah 66:13
** The most direct Biblical affirmation of this is in the book of John chapter 3 verse 16.


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Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place! Gen. 28:16